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Hand-carved from teak wood, these eco-friendly wooden stamps will awaken the artist in you. These blocks are sourced directly from the block carvers. Our craftspeople upcycle old teak furniture to make these cool stamps.

Traditionally used in textile printing, this unique dragonfly stamp can be used in scrapbooks , handcrafting works, cards making, photo album, notebook decoration, gift box lapel or as home decors.

  • Printing Instructions
    • Works on paper, fabric or as temporary tattoo stamps.
    • For best results, keep a soft base like a folded cloth under your printing surface.
  • Product detail
  • Craft: wooden block carving
  • Material: upcycled teak wood
  • Country of origin: India

Tiger Pugmark, Honeybee, Peacock Feather, Mantis, Chameleon, Leopard, Tiger


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